About Miguel Rosell

 In 2003, I  made the life altering decision to sell most of my material possessions  and move from my hometown, New York City, to Australia.  At the time I  thought that this decision would transform my life and lead me towards a  happier existence.  Up until that point, I did not feel that I was  living a purposeful life.

Shortly  after arriving in Australia, I realized that the discontent that I was  trying to escape from was right there, still inside of me.  After 2  months of traveling through the country, I was guided to return back  home.  I started to understand that the only way out of this predicament  was to go “in and through” myself.

I  began the search to find paths to assist me in understanding why I felt  so much dissatisfaction.  About a year into my search, I was introduced  to Ron Baker.  Along with his partner Robert Baker, he had founded an  esoteric school of wisdom and healing in New York City called Children  of Light. Ron became my mentor and healing guide.  I engaged in a 10-year journey of internal exploration as well as a  formalized practitioner training program developed by Children of Light. 


This work helped me find the answers I was seeking, dismantle many of  the disempowering myths I held about myself and more importantly, lead  me towards living a life filled with purpose and a greater capacity for  intimacy—with others and myself. 

Today, I  continue on my journey of self-discovery with the understanding that the  deeper I go within myself,  the more I am able to expand, both  internally and externally. And I feel a profound sense of purpose and  fulfillment guiding  others down the same path.

I am a teacher, healing guide and Reiki  practitioner.  I live with the two loves of my life, my wife Michele and  my dog Lily.  I see clients in Long Beach, California.