“Miguel  was referred to me simultaneously when I wanted to further my knowledge  of myself.  His techniques and teachings, along with the open space he  provides, have tremendously helped me.  I look forward to every session  because I know I will get closer to developing a clear set mind for the  goals I want to achieve.

​Thanks  to Miguel, when I use the tools that he has taught me, I have a  peaceful, healthier way of thinking.  It's encouraging and exciting  knowing and learning what he has to pass along.  I now have a deeper  connection with myself and others."

-Liz  Valadez

“If  you are thinking of seeing Miguel, please do. I worked with his mentor  for 4 years in NYC, and when I moved here I was skeptical of working  with a new person. Within the first few minutes I knew I was in good  hands. I knew I would be safe working with this person and sharing my  energy. I’ve now been working with Miguel for over a year now. My wife  has also joined the sessions, and we are growing together wonderfully.  I  have so much gratitude for Miguel, and I hope you have a chance to  experience what this work can bring.”

-Bill Kennedy

“Miguel Rosell helped me tremendously.  I was at a jumping off point in both my career and my love life, and I attribute the successful blossoming and growth of both areas of my life to the intense personal work accomplished in my time with Miguel.  This kind of personal awareness and inward transformative work gave

me the clarity to know what my next steps should be. I have since gone on to establish a beautiful relationship with my now partner (and soon to be husband) of 5 years, and in short order an international opera career that has me singing in many places around the world.  I firmly believe all these wonderful accomplishments were the result of a better understanding of myself. Miguel puts you at such ease and allows you the space to fully explore these aspects of ​yourself with just enough direction. It is wonderful work, that everyone should do.”

-Nicholas T.

"Miguel is a kind, calm and wise individual who has much to offer those looking to enrich their lives.  He creates an atmosphere in which I feel emotionally safe and free to discuss my vulnerabilities.  When I speak with Miguel, I feel understood and supported.  I am provided with insight and perspective that brings me closer to my truth and to personal empowerment.  Miguel has that perfect blend of compassion mixed with teacher and healer.  He will challenge you to grow while supporting you all the way.  He is all that a mentor and guide can be."

-Michelle Bujan

"I discovered Miguel’s practice in a serendipitous way, but immediately it became evident that this was no accident. It was exactly what I needed in my life and I am forever grateful for the exploration I have made there and for Miguel’s skill. I was in a very tumultuous, transitionary period in my life and working with my previous therapist my progress plateaued. Working with Miguel, I was able to make numerous breakthroughs and discoveries about myself which gave me peace and a deeper understanding of my own wiring as well as my role in the world. I was able to make such transformations in my life, while working with Miguel, it has completely set me on the course for a new and better life with deeper understanding, more confidence, calmer and more balanced communication, plus a deeper and more loving relationship that I have never experienced before. I owe it largely to the discoveries I made with Miguel while working with him. He has such an intuitive sense of what I needed at any given point and struck the perfect balance of holding a safe space, which allowed me to be vulnerable and be free to explore. While, at the same time, also being a terrific teacher and guide when I needed to understand something in a more cerebral way. He has such a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and compassion. I have raved about working with Miguel for years and I strongly encourage everyone to consider it. If you want to improve upon your life, strengthen your relationships, improve your communication, and become a more balanced, aware, and compassionate individual…this is the key to getting there. Thank you Miguel."

-Brian Taylor