What is Guided Core Integration?

Guided Core Integration is an evolutionary  process of self-knowledge and personal healing.  It is a path that  leads the individual towards greater self-empowerment by assisting them  in reclaiming the parts of the self that did not fully blossom from a lack of nurturing and guidance during their early years.

From  infancy through adolescence, every human being is intended to go  through several stages of internal development.  Each stage requires the  fulfillment of specific needs in order for the individual’s emotional  body to fully develop.  When the needs at each stage are met, through  nurturing and guidance, the individual’s “internal body” is able to  fully blossom eventually integrating with a corresponding adult physical  body.  When this occurs, he/she is able to move out into the world with  a deep sense of knowing that their lives have meaning and value.  Thus having the capacity to create a life of profound fulfillment connected to their authentic self—their core.

Unfortunately,  because we live in a world where most people have a limited  understanding of the emotional realm, more often than not, our needs are  not met to the extent required.  This is often traumatic to our  emotional bodies.  In order to cope and survive these painful  experiences, we create defenses to compensate. These defenses  manifest in our physical bodies as energetic blocks restricting the flow  of energy (emotions). Although these blocks prevent us from feeling the  pain associated with those early experiences, they also inhibit our  ability to experience the positive spectrum of feelings (joy, intimacy,  inner peace).  In addition, these defenses are characterized with a  specific set of masks and behaviors that are mechanical and  predictable in nature.  While they assisted us in coping with the  painful experiences of our early years, they remain fully entrenched in  our adult personalities negatively impacting our abilities to  communicate with others, express ourselves authentically and live a more  fulfilled life.

​Guided Core Integration provides a clear and  practical body of information to begin to understand how we can go back  now as adults, fill-in the missing needs and allow the individual to  reconnect with a deeper sense of self.   Through the use of specific  tools including breath,  sound, conscious movement and physical exercises, in a safe and  nurturing environment, the client is able to gradually transform their  lives and emerge into a more grounded and positive reality.

This  approach to self-knowledge and personal healing is available to anyone  regardless of any background, personal beliefs or religious  affiliation.  It recognizes the sacred core of every individual and aims  to assist those who engage in the work to move towards the realization  of their divine purpose.

Options for Prospective Clients

I offer a $60 introductory 60  minute session.  This affords prospective clients the opportunity to  discover whether or not they resonate with this path. For those wishing to continue after the introduction, my hourly session fee is $100.  I also offer couples' sessions.